RFA: Interview: Beijing Olympics Means ‘Patting Xi Jinping on the Back’ Amid Xinjiang, Tibet Horrors

“If the Olympic Committee remains resolute, we should boycott it,” Rep. Chris Smith says of the Feb. 4-20 winter games in the Chinese capital.

2022 Winter Olympics

To march into Beijing, into an Olympic stadium, with big smiles, patting Xi Jinping on the back — you know the genocide is his genocide. And you know, he’s the one who said ‘show no mercy’ to the Muslim Uyghurs…and they haven’t. (We must) very aggressively say to the IOC: “You cannot host an Olympic Games in the same country that is also committing a horrific genocide against Muslim Uyghurs and Kazakhs and other minorities.’ It’s reminiscent of the 1936 Nazi Olympic Games, but in that case we didn’t know as much then…We now know what’s going on against the people in Xinjiang, and it is a genocide. It has been determined to be that by both Secretary (Mike) Pompeo and by Anthony Blinken, the secretary of state, and other countries…are now stepping up and saying it is indeed a genocide, and that is the complete elimination of the people in whole or in part. The five criteria described in the genocide convention, all of them are being realized horribly by the people of Xinjiang. If that doesn’t work, frankly, if the Olympic Committee remains resolute, we should boycott it.

‘Decades-long genocide’ in Tibet

Genocide against the Tibetans has been a long, decades-long genocide: The Han population transfer that has occurred, the use of forced abortion and forced sterilization to reduce the population — very similar to what they’re doing against the Uyghurs — the inability of people to practice their chosen faith as they would like. The fact that the Dalai Lama’s successor the Panchen Lama, has disappeared and the Chinese Communist government reserves unto itself the right to pick the next Dalai Lama. I mean that is absurd. So there’s been a long, very, very painful genocide against Tibetans. The Chinese Communist Party is directly responsible for several genocides of which Tibet is one of them.


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