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NoToBeijing2022.org Interview with Enghebatu Togochog, SMHRIC Director August 1, 2021 00:10:07


JC: Welcome to the No To Beijing 2022 podcast. Today I am proud to have the opportunity to speak with Enghebatu Togochog of the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center. In addition to being an author and defender of human rights, he is also a friend. Thank you for joining us today Enghebatu, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

ET: Thank you for having me, yes as you as you mentioned, my name is in Enghebatu Togochog and I'm a Mongolian born in Southern Mongolia which is also known as Inner Mongolia. I grew up there I came to the United States in 1998 and in 2001 along with my fellow Southern Mongolians established the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center in New York and since then I have been working as the director of the organization until today.

JC: OK, what are the conditions in Southern Mongolia for the Mongolians in their native land?

ET: What's happening in Southern Mongolia is a wholesale cultural genocide committed by the government of China today. This the goal of this round or genocide is very clear, the Chinese government is determined to wipe out the Mongolian language, culture, and identity from Southern Mongolia entirely to create a homogeneous Chinese society that is free from any ethnic problem. So this ongoing cultural genocide has started in Southern Mongolia last September with the implementation of the so-called second generation bilingual education to ban Mongolian language education entirely and replace the Mongolian language with the Chinese as the medium of instruction across the region. In response to this new round of genocide the entire side of Mongolian population has risen up to protest, more than 300,000 Mongolian students took to the streets and the millions of parents, teachers, and students carried out a general school boycott. Of course, the immediate response of the Chinese government is a heavy-handed crackdown, estimated 8 to 10,000 protesters have been arrested, detained, and sent to jail. What followed this massive arrest and brutal crackdown is a wholesale cultural genocide in the name of inculcation of the sense of the Chinese nationality common identity, a regionwide intensive so-called training program has started targeting all Mongolian teachers, students, parents, party members, government officials and even ordinary herders. So, one of the campaign's official slogans is "learn Chinese and become a civilized person." These slogans are repeatedly aired through all TV and radio broadcasts across Southern Mongolia. In the past few months the scope of the campaign has been expanded to destroy Mongolian cultural objects historical places and removing anything that has Mongolian characteristics from streets and buildings and uh and the theoretical backing of this campaign is the so called second generation ethnic policy that is publicly advertising to wipe out the individual ethnic identity of also called 55 I think minorities and impose the so-called junhua(?) nationality common identity or Chinese simply sign you know Chinese nationality common identity. This is what's happening inside the Mongolian now.

JC: I guess I'll never be civilized.

ET: No, if you do not learn Chinese, if you do not speak Chinese, you are not a civilized person according to Chinese government doctrine.

JC: Do you think the Chinese government deserves to host the 2022 Olympics?

ET: No, not at all, allowing China to host the Olympics is just like allowing Nazi Germany to host another Olympics. China is committing multiple genocides in front of the eyes of the international community, millions of Uighurs are locked up in concentration camps, the entire Mongolian population in Southern Mongolia is subject to a massive cultural genocide campaign and the situation in Tibet is very much similar to that of the Southern Mongolia and East Turkestan; they are denied the right to practice their religion and culture. Not only that, China is also cracking down on any dissent, any peaceful protests. If you look at you the citizens of Hong Kong they are denied the right to protest, right to free speech, and free press. China is also extending her tentacles to the defacto independent nation of Taiwan; not only that China is trying to dominate the world culturally, economically, militarily, and politically through infiltration, extortion, and other criminal activities. For example, the so-called Belt and Road Initiative, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Confucius Institutes and so on, you name it. So the Chinese problem is no longer just the problem of occupation and colonization of Southern Mongolia, Tibet and East Turkestan, it is a threat to humanity. It is an existential threat to the core value of democracy, human rights, and human dignity.

JC: Wow, I mentioned earlier that you were an author. Could you tell us a little bit about your book?

ET: Yes, the recent book I published is entitled Genocide on the Mongolian Steppe, which is a translation work. The original version was written in Japanese by Southern Mongolian scholar Professor Oghonos Choghtu from Shizuka University in Japan and the book consists of first hand personal accounts of Southern Mongolians who had survived the massive genocide the Chinese government and Chinese settlers committed in Southern Mongolia during the 1960s through 1970. According to the Chinese official statistics, more than two 20,000 Mongolians were killed during this genocide campaign but the Mongolians widely believe that at least 100,000 Mongolians were tortured to death and half a half a million arrested, imprisoned, and tortured. This means 1/3 of the Mongolian population was persecuted, just for being Mongolian.

JC: That's terrible. If there's anything else you wish to say I'll give you the last word, sir.

ET: My message to the people around the world is that it is a really a time for us to overcome our differences; for example, religious, cultural, regional, ethnic, or political differences to unite together to counter China. If we fail to take immediate actions at the same tragedy will be repeated in countries of BRI, Belt and Road Initiative countries and even countries of free world including the United States and Europe.

JC: Thank you for your words

ET: Thank you, thank you for having me