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Introductory Video May 16, 2021 00:04:56

Hello, it's been almost 28 years since the Chinese Communist Party controlled China Travel Services opened a propaganda theme park just a few miles from Disney World in Florida. The information presented by the theme park, targeting school field trips, twisted the histories of Tibet, Southern Mongolia and the land once known as Eastern Turkestan. Additionally, the portrayal of religious exhibits as anything other than tourist destinations under strict party control was even more deception. Our children might have received their only lesson on China from the Chinese Communist Party as a means to help them forget the slaughter of thousands of innocence in Tiananmen just a few years earlier. Through letter writing, email lists and help with domain hosting the word got out. I asked for support for our demonstrations and other activities and was richly rewarded with new friends. Some even traveled from distant continents to assist in the eradication of the propaganda on their own dime. Whether Tibetan, Mongol, Uyghur, Taiwanese, Americans, or Chinese, they all rose to the challenge and came to our aid. After 10 years the gates were shuttered and operation ceased. A recent estimate I heard is that they lost $480 million on that venture.
The reason I bring this up is because the hard line Chinese Communist policies have degenerated into genocide and taking away basic human rights from their own citizens. I feel obligated to return the favor and do something concrete to repay their support for helping to eradicate Chinese Communist Party propaganda in the United States. The Chinese government is providing the world an opportunity to open up in February 2022. We have eight months to plan to ensure a memorable occasion.
I have a few ideas and none of them involve violence or the destruction of property. For instance, we can drive their surveillance machinery bunkers if some people decide to walk around Beijing with masks of now confined political prisoners or human rights leaders in the West. Perhaps a few competing athletes or coaches could be persuaded to wear masks during the opening and or closing ceremonies.
As mentioned, I'm not advocating violence, the destruction of property or fomenting an uprising against the Chinese Communist Party. As free people we have the right to speak our mind. The genocide is happening now. Languages, cultures and peoples lives are being erased. Who knows what impact our efforts can hold for the future?
This is an all-volunteer effort and does not solicit or receive public or private funding. Please send your monetary donations to the human rights organizations supporting this effort. The success of this endeavor depends upon the resolve and dedication of human rights defenders. With each of us doing a small part, who knows where it will take us.
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