Newsweek: Here’s How Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics Could be Moved or Postponed

While the delayed 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo just came to a close, a growing movement is seeking to move or postpone next year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing. Organizers cite the Communist country’s alleged use of forced labor for consumer products and materials that flood multinational corporations’ supply chains.

The latest salvo in the push to move or delay the 2022 games slated for Beijing comes from an American congressional committee set up to observe China’s human-rights practices. Committee officials say that relocation would serve as a sanction for the country’s alleged forced labor practices that have been increasingly tied to America’s growing solar power industry, and to products and materials used in sneakers, mobile phones, TVs and other consumer products.

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China asked Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee to postpone the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and to relocate them if the host government does not end what the group describes as the country’s “egregious” human-rights abuses. In a letter dated July 23, the commission wrote that “no Olympics should be held in a country whose government is committing genocide and crimes against humanity.”

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